STEM Challenge Grant Recipients for 2017 Cycle 1 Announced

STEM Challenge Grant Recipients for 2017 Cycle 1 Announced

We are very pleased with the applications we received for our 2017 Cycle 1 STEM Challenge Grant Program.  The program is very competitive and we appreciate the efforts of all applicants who submitted proposals for this cycle.

We congratulate the following grant recipients for this funding period:

  • Samantha Cantell from Folsom Education and Community Center/Grand Isle Supervisory Union – STEM In the Classroom
    • The GISU STEM In the Classroom is a program for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.   The program will make use of SPRK and Ollie Spheros devices and Ozobots to teach concepts in computer coding.  There are grade-appropriate exercises that are separated into two to three sessions.
  • Agnieszka Gagne from Northwest Technical Center – Tech & Engineering Day
    • NWTC’s Tech & Engineering Day is a day-long event that will bring together middle school students from all over the Franklin County community.  This event will be a venue for attendees to showcase and display their STEM skills.  There will be a career day panel discussion, followed by a series of exciting and engaging STEM competitions, such as: a Balloon Tower Challenge, Paper Penny Bridge, Web Application Design Challenge, Edible Car Competition, and more.  This event is scheduled for Wednesday April 12, 2017.  Visit to learn more.
  • Sandy Brown from Bellows Free Academy Elementary, Fairfax – BFA Innovation Lab
    • The BFA Innovation Lab is a program spearheaded by team of dedicated educators who are repurposing their classrooms to support the use of technology, creativity, and collaborative learning among students.  The program is geared to students in grades 3 through 5.  They will be using the STEM Challenge Grant to incorporate the use of robotics featuring Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits to teach engineering standards and transferable skills.
  • Sarah King from Richford Elementary School – Magnet Design
    • The Magnet Design Project at RES is being developed for 3rd grade students to teach them how to use acquired knowledge to define problems in their world and find solutions to those problems using design and engineering skills.  Students will learn basic concepts in magnetism, and then apply this knowledge to a specific challenge.

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