Keys to a Successful STEM Challenge Grant Application

Are you considering putting in an application for our upcoming STEM Challenge Grant deadline on January 24, 2017?

If so, you should check out the following suggestions we have put together to help you ensure that your application stands the best chance of being competitive.

Key Elements of a Successful Application

In order to ensure that your STEM Challenge Initiative Challenge Grant Applications stands the best chance for being competitive, please consider the following key points that will be evaluated by our Grant Review Committee:

General Information – Application Sections 1-3

  • Did you fill out each box?
  • Are the number of students included appropriate for the proposed program costs?

Project description- Application Section 4

  • Does the abstract clearly describe the project?
  • Are goals listed, and do they meet SCI criteria?
  • Is the project innovative?
  • Do you specifically state what you hope to teach the students?

Project objectives- Application Section 5

  • Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Do the objectives follow the principle of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely)?
  • Do you clearly state the expected changes in student learning?
  • Have you identified what students should know and be able to do upon project completion?

Project evaluation model- Application Section 6

  • Do you have a model to address the success of the project?
  • Is your evaluation model specific, and does it allow you to to measure the efficacy of the project?
  • Have you identified who is responsible for collecting data and documenting the results?
  • Did you include a rubric or an assessment plan?
  • Can you assess quantifiable and tangible data?
  • Do you have a process for reporting your results?

Relevance to STEM- Application Section 7

  • Is STEM a central theme in your proposed project?
  • Does your project make good connections to the STEM curricula in your organization?

Proposed Budget- Application Section 8

  • Did you include a budget with your application?
  • Is the budget detailed enough to make an assessment?
  • Are all budget items appropriate for the project and cost-appropriate?
  • Is there evidence of institutional commitment, either direct or in-kind, in your budget?

Educator’s Bio- Application Section 9

  • Is a bio included for each key participant in your project?
  • Does each bio include enough background information about the instructor?
  • Does each bio contain examples that make it clear that the instructor has the education and experience to conduct the proposed project?

Letter of support-  Application Section 10

  • Did you include at least one letter of support from a representative of your organization?
  • Does the letter of support indicate that your project is important to your organization?
  • Does the letter of support describe financial and material support provided by your organization?

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