2017 Fall STEM Challenge Grant Recipients Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Fall 2017 STEM Challenge Grants.  We had another round of very competitive applications.  Our next Challenge Grant cycle is approaching, with an application deadline of December 19, 2017.  We encourage applications from all interested parties.  Click Here to apply!

Culinary Pollinator Rain Garden – North West Technical Center Pre Tech Exploratory Program

Jacob Holzberg-Pill and North West Technical Center students plant a bare-root apple tree. These students will now be able to develop their new Culinary Pollinator Rain Garden.

Congratulations to Jacob Holzberg-Pill on his successful application.  In this project, Jacob and students will create a garden at the entry lawn to the Northwest Technical Center.  Students in the Culinary program will learn to harvest, prepare, and serve 20 species of fruits, vegetables and herbs that they grown in their new garden.  Pre Tech Exploratory students will design, install, and maintain the garden.   Building Trades students will build the garden.










Creating and Printing a 3D Digital Design – Folsom Educational and Community Center Technology Integration Makerspace

Cornelia Thoma shown here in the makerspace located at the Folsom Educational Center library. This space will soon be home to a new 3D printer available for student projects.

Congratulations to Cornelia Thoma, Library Media Specialist at Folsom Educational Center, on her successful Challenge Grant application.  Cornelia will use this grant to purchase a Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D printer with supplies for the new makerspace at Folsom Educational and Community Center.  Students will be able to use engineering skills and creative problem solving to create 3D models and then print their models into actual parts.








Math Enrichment – Maple Leaf Montessori “STEM for THEM” program

Carrie Clow and Jill Smith, the educators at Maple Leaf Montessori, are shown here with several of the kids who will benefit from the new Bead Cabinet, soon to be added to the MLM curriculum courtesy of their STEM Challenge Grant.

Congratulations to Heather Blackburn and the educational team at Maple Leaf Montessori for their successful application.  Funds from their Challenge Grant will be used to purchase a Montessori Bead Cabinet to enhance their math program for ages 3-5.  The Montessori method places heavy emphasis on hands-on self-directed learning opportunities in children, and the bead cabinet will be used to teach children concepts in quantity, place value, operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and the decimal system.

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