Grants and Scholarships

Another goal of the Board is to encourage teachers, school administrators, students and educators to develop and or use existing educational programs to further STEM education for Franklin/Grand Isle County school children.  To achieve this, the Board will encourage school administrators and teachers to request grants that will support STEM education. The Board may also Read more about Grants and Scholarships[…]

After School Programs

The Board may fund programs that expand STEM education via after school or summer camp programs. This could be planned and directed by the Board. The Board may wish to hire individuals who could provide this training and make available the supplies and space necessary for the program.

Business Partnerships

The Board recognizes that a well-trained work force is essential for the business community. The Board will develop a relationship with interested parties to further STEM education that will meet regional business needs. This could take the form of promoting advanced manufacturing skills, engineering training or advanced software training that could allow an individual entry Read more about Business Partnerships[…]