Grants and Scholarships

Another goal of the Board is to encourage teachers, school administrators, students and educators to develop and or use existing educational programs to further STEM education for Franklin/Grand Isle County school children.  To achieve this, the Board will encourage school administrators and teachers to request grants that will support STEM education. The Board may also partner with existing STEM programs, e.g. after school or summer school programs, and provide a partial or full scholarship to individual students seeking to enroll in these STEM activities.

The Board will develop criteria to evaluate grant proposals and provide funds to those organizations within our region whose proposals are judged to further STEM education or stimulate student interest in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The limited funds will be awarded to the proposals that provide the most educational impact and are not intended to support the entire STEM activity, but to supplement those programs that have support within their parent organization. The Board will also review and select existing STEM programs and partner with those which meet Board expectations to award scholarships to individual students.

The board may decide certain grants can be developed based upon a donor’s request and can bear the name of the donor. For example a $1,000 grant for a STEM project may be designated as originating from that donor.

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