Promoting Stem Education

Our Mission

To create a “scientifically literate population that can thrive in a world increasingly driven by information and technology."

About Us

Formally known as Challenger Learning Center of Vermont, Inc., the STEM Challenge Initiative, Inc. (SCI) provides affordable and meaningful STEM educational opportunities for the communities in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.
Providing affordable, meaningful STEM educational opportunities.

Our goal is to improve STEM based education by funding projects and programs that will help develop student interest in further education and careers in STEM related fields. By improving students’ overall level of understanding of STEM, we aim to advance their skills in teamwork, decision making, problem solving and communication.

  • % of high school graduates who are college-science ready

  • % of high school graduates who are college-math ready

  • % of college students graduate with a degree

  • % of college students do not graduate with a STEM degree